• 17 years of metal machining experience acquired through multiple European partnerships

Founded in 2003, Industrial Prodcom has acquired a steady place and kept a constant position on the market of manufacturing metal parts and accessories for various industries:


           • Truck, trailer and hydraulic

           • Electric(generators and alternators)

           • Agriculture 

           • Metallurgic industries

Over the years we have developed successful collaborations with various European companies located in Romania, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Poland and Hungary, leading to long lasting partnerships. Our innovative approach and our client oriented policy have led us to developing an efficient and productive work environment.

Thru its professionalism and earnestness S.C. Industrial Prodcom S.R.L. turned out to be a reliable partner who constantly innovates and upgrades its services.

  • Customer-oriented policy based on innovation, creativity and integrity

Our main objectives are customer related. We do our best to maintain customer satisfaction by making our products competitive internationally. In this regard, we carefully select our material suppliers and systematically improve our manufacturing technologies.

We also rely on effective communication in order to create a stable environment where our customer needs define our priorities.

Thru innovation, creativity and integrity we aspire to grow in this industry sector and remain a reliable partner for our clients by offering them high quality services in manufacturing components and accessories for motor vehicles and electric generators.

  • Well-defined values and objectives supporting a long therm vision centered on confidence and high quality services

Through dedication, diversity, quality of services and collaboration, Industrial Prodcom is constantly trying to find the best solutions in manufacturing motor vehicles and electric power generators components and accessories. These are the values that guide and support our long term partnerships.