Traditional and numerical control machines, 3-axis and 4-axis centers

Our company is specialized in machining metal parts and accessories following our customers documentation in high quantities and small volumes. Example of operations:

  • Turning operations
  • Milling operations
  • Boring operations
  • Drilling operations
  • Threading
  • CNC EDM wire erosion

Metal processing with plasma, oxy-gas, cutting to length with CNC band saws and welding

We have CNC plasma and oxy-gas cutting machine. We also have bandsaw machines (semi-automatic, automatic and CNC), with large capacity to cut semi-products.  

EDM erosion processing (CNC) is used for the hardest materials.
We offer our customers:

  • Cutting accuracy
  • High quality cut surface
  • Efficient use of raw material

Our company has welding capabilities. We use high-capacity welding equipment electric, MIG-MAG and TIG

Quality and Certifications

Our company has ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Our products comply with RoHS2 and REACH standards. At our customers’ request, the products manufactured by us are accompanied by FMD (Full Material Disclosures) certificates.

We continuously monitor the regulations concerning product conformity.

Quality control: CNC, 3D and traditional measuring systems

The inspection processes using numerical axis machines, 3D and traditional measuring aim that the manufactured parts to be compliant with the technical documentation.

We have a wide range of systems and devices for quality control assurance.


The main equipments used in the production process:

2 CNC turning machines with bar feeders for high volumes (Galaxy):

  • Machining diameters: materials from ø10mm up to ø320mm with lengths up to 600 mm
  • Machining diameters up to 40mm from bar

2 CNC turning machines without bar feeder

  • 1 CNC with machining diameters: materials from ø6mm up to ø250mm with lengths up to 600 mm ( Victor V-turn P20)
  • 1 CNC with machining diameters: materials from ø10mm up to ø400mm with lengths up to 500 mm (Victor V-turn 26E)

2 classical lathe machines:

  • Machining diameters: materials from ø10mm up to ø350mm with lengths up to 1000 mm

Contracted equipment set to arrive by July 2021 with the following properties:

  • Double spindle , turning tools, bar feeder ø8mm to ø110mm
  • Maximum machining diameter ø380mm
  • Maximum machining length ø850mm
  • Maximum diameter for bar turning ø75mm

Machine can be used for all in one turning, milling, drilling, threading, complex operations with multiple grips from one spindle to another.

1 CNC center 4 axis machine with magnetic plate(NEW arrived in January 2021)

  • Travel: on X axis= 1400mm, on Y axis = 700mm, Z axis = 700mm, max weight 1000 kg

1 CNC center 4 axis machine

  • Travel: on X axis= 850mm, on Y axis = 600mm, Z axis = 560mm, max weight 750 kg

1 CNC center 3 axis bi-pallet Gikon machine for serial parts

  • Travel: on X axis= 500mm, on Y axis = 300mm, Z axis = 200mm, max weight 40 kg

1 classical milling machine

  • Travel: on X axis= 600mm, on Y axis = 400mm, Z axis = 300mm
  • Maximum cutting dimensions 3000mm x 2000mm. Maximum thickness 100mm
  • Travel: X=350mm, Y=250mm, U=80mm, V=80mm, Z=220mm
  • Maximum dimensions of the parts: 765mm x 535mm x 215mm
  • Maximum weight of the parts: 300kg
  • Steel-cutting saw semi-automatic Behringer, maximum diameter of cutting 400 mm
  • Steel-cutting saw automatic Amada, maximum diameter of cutting 250 mm
  • 2 Cutting saws for diameters up to 200 mm

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