Metal Parts Machining

About us

Founded in 2003, Industrial Prodcom has acquired a steady place and kept a constant position into the metal machining industry, having more than 17 years of experience in providing mechanical processed metal parts and subassemblies for various industries:    

  • Truck, trailers and hydraulics
  • Electric (generator and alternators)
  • Agriculture and Metallurgical industry
  • Water and sewage industry

Main activity: Production and distribution of metal parts

Our company is specialized in machining metal parts and accessories following our customers documentation in high quantities and small volumes.

We manufacture both small and large quantities.

The use of modern equipment allows us to have a manageable manufacturing process. We are constantly expanding our activity range in order to meet our customers’ needs without altering our promise of quality and high level of efficiency.

We machine a large variety of materials such as bars, pipes, profiles, sheets made of steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze and aluminum both standard an unusual dimension.


Technological equipment used by our company mainly implies:

Services offered

We offer cutting, gross and fine machining, repairing, assemblies mounting, parts and materials custody for long-term projects.

Our company has ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Our products comply with RoHS2 and REACH standards. At our customers’ request, the products manufactured by us are accompanied by FMD (Full Material Disclosures) certificates.

We continuously monitor the regulations concerning product conformity.

We pay special attention to environment protection.

Plasma, oxy-gas cutting, cut to the length and welding

CNC and traditional machines, CNC EDM electroerosion

Quality control: Three-dimensional measuring devices, CNC and traditional